Forest Ecology and Management under climate change – Developing Italy-Russia Cooperation for bio-based solutions

Bilateral Workshop

Co-organized by: Embassy of Italy in Moscow –Russian Academy of Science -Italian Academy of Forest Science and Accademia dei Georgofili

Climate change is the major challenge for humanity and requires immediate actions to convert economies towards decarbonization and renewable energy. Among these, forest and forest products can represent a major mean for mitigation and bio-based solutions of global warming, not only by fixing CO2 and removing it from the atmosphere, but also providing raw material for bioenergy.
Italy and Russia have a long tradition of scientific cooperation and forest ecosystems and forest management represent a relevant sector for both countries. Forests cover almost 40% of the Italian national land, while the Russian Federation accounts for over 20% of world forests. Therefore, it is clear that Russian forests play a crucial role not only at the national but also at the global levels and are extremely important for the present and future of the Earth and for humanity.
This workshop aims to develop new scientific collaborations and to strengthen the existing ones between Italy and Russian Federation in the forest sector and in the mitigation of climate change. It has been organized with the participation of national scientific institution and the major national academies, namely the Accademia Italiana di Scienze Forestali, the Accademia dei Georgofili and the Russian Academy of Science.

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