Plant volatiles: from ecology to exploitation

Ore 9.00 - Sede accademica (Logge Uffizi Corti - Firenze)

Giornata di studio organizzata su proposta del Comitato consultivo per la Biologia agraria dei Georgofili, in collaborazione con European Science Foundation e Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche


- Mauro Centritto – Welcome address
- Stefano Mancuso – Plant communication – much more than we expected
- Francesco Loreto – EuroVOL: how the scent of nature can influence global processes
- Marcel Dicke – Plant volatiles mediating interactions between plants and multiple community members
- Rieta Gols – The use of herbivore-induced plant volatiles by parasitoid wasps
- Jörg-Peter Schnitzler – Poplars under climate stress – Potential functions of isoprene and Co
- Josep Peñuelas – Towards remodelling and remote sensing of isoprenoid emissions … and the seasonality of community floral emissions
- Thomas D. Sharkey – Recent insights into isoprene biosynthesis
- Ted Turlings – InvaVol: investigating the impact of invasive insects on native infochemical networks
- Jonathan Gershenzon – Roles of plant volatiles – on beyond terpenes